Hello! We would love to hear what you think of our music. In particular, we are keen to get some feedback on our plans to release our album of children’s story songs. Please use the comments box below. Thank You!

‘Just wanted to say how much we enjoyed your beautiful singing and playing at Upton Vale a week last Monday. Thank you for coming and also for giving me the delightful CD which is giving me immense pleasure…  M 1.3.14

“Yr gig was gr8, but the time ran out 2 quickly! I felt so proud of u both. So many beautiful songs and so beautifully sung it is hard to pick my favourite. The ones that spring to mind are: Wish I had a Troubadour, In the heat of the Summer, Johnny I hardly knew ya, Kathy’s Song, That’s no way to say goodbye, Sweet Baby James, Can’t help but Wonder where I’m Bound and Clouds. Would be easier to say which ones I didn’t love cos there weren’t any!” JVH

“ Hi just wanted to let u both know what a lovely evening we had last night, and that u were both absolutely great. U made good song choices, made it fun and beautiful to listen to.”  CW

“Hi Paul and Chris! We had good feedback from customers re your gig last week, so thank you both!” Debbie (Blue Walnut)

“I just wanted to say well done to you and Chris on Thursday evening. You were both brilliant. We were soooooo impressed. We had a great time.” JF

“Hi Paul n Chris. A really good night, beautifully played and sung ….. thanks.” C, S, C & M

“That Martin sounds sexy. I thought you worked very well. Perfect Sunday afternoon beer music!”    M. A. 3/6/2012